Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Soooo, Karen will go first!

Even though Mara has been a true follower since JB started, I was sooo boosted when I GOT TO TOUCH NICK JONAS! Nick's mah fave Jonas!

I got to go to the Kid's Inaugural Concert, which was my first LIVE Jonas experience!

I mean being in the same room as JB!?! gahhh. Anyways, it was amazing, but after, we decide to see if we could actually get our hands on some Jonas. We walked around for a good half hour in front of the exit with this other girl and her mom. Finally we heard all these screams! It was for Usher.

We got so HYPED because for sure JB HAD to come out of here too! And THEN...I SAW NICK! sufdwebfejrafewa4398 he's beautiful.

I also spotted Momma Jonas through the window. Eventually, George Lopez, Jamie Foxx, Jermaine Dupri and Demi Lovato exited through there. When JB was about to exit, they backed everyone up and it was just havoc after that.

I actually told Momma Jonas her kids were beautiful and she smiled and waved back at me!
Joe and Kevin kinda just bolted to the car, but Nick came to both sides<333.
BEST DAY OF MYY LIFE! freezing was worth it. We left after, but I heard Corbin left through there, too. All i wanted was some Jonas, though.

CHECK IT. I'm on the phone with Mara, so she went def.
"I love youuu, I love youuu, I love youuu"


OH AND...I was extra boosted cuz my pics made it onto NickJOnline!! Theyre the ones crediting Karen A.

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